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4 Women Who Make a Difference in Blockchain

Tech is highly male-dominant. With blockchain, some women have become leaders on several important projects. Here are 4 women who are leaders in blockchain according to Barrons:

Blythe Masters, CEO, Digital Asset Holdings

# Managing director at JPMorgan Chase
# Is partnering with Alphabet
# Heads the governing board of Hyperledger

Marie Wieck , general manager for blockchain, IBM

# Guiding IBM’s efforts to partner with the biggest names in businesses

Amber Baldet , co-founder, Clovyr

# leader of blockchain products at JPMorgan: development JPMorgan’s Quorum software to accelerate finance’s databases.

# started Clovyr: A software development company helping startups and other businesses to use blockchain.

Linda Pawczuk , U.S. blockchain leader,
Deloitte Consulting

# Lead of Deloitte’s blockchain practice in the U.S.

This article was originally published in Barrons on August 22nd 2018